FD147 - Programme

FD147: Chemistry of the Planets

14 – 16 June 2010
St Jacut de la Mer, Brittany, France
All Discussion Sessions will be held in the ‘Salle Multimédia’. Participants are reminded to bring to this room their presentations (5 minutes or less) as PowerPoint .ppt or Acrobat .pdf files on a Windows laptop, USB key or CDROM during the break immediately preceding the Session in which they are due to/wish to speak. They should there make contact with Daniel Travers who is in charge of this aspect of the Discussion.
Monday 14 June 2010
Welcome and Introduction:
Ian Sims 
Université de Rennes 1, France
Paper 1
Introductory Lecture:  The significance of trace constituents in the solar system
University of Michigan, USA
Session 1:  Chemical aspects of planetary exploration and observation
Session Chair: John Plane
Paper 2
Formation of NH3 and CH2NH in Titan's Upper Atmosphere
Roger V Yelle*, V Vuitton, S Klippenstein, P Lavvas, M Smith, S M Hörst and
J Cui
University of Arizona, USA
Paper 3
Mapping Titan's HCN in the far infra-red: implications for photochemistry
N A Teanby*, P G J Irwin, R de Kok and C A Nixon
Oxford University, UK
Paper 4
Upper limits for undetected trace species in the stratosphere of Titan
Conor A Nixon,* Richard K Achterberg, Nicholas A Teanby, Patrick G J Irwin, Jean-Marie Flaud, Isabelle Kleiner, Alix Dehayem-Kamadjeu, Linda R Brown, Robert L Sams, Bruno Bézard, Athena Coustenis, Todd M Ansty, Andrei Mamoutkine, Sandrine Vinatier, Gordon L Bjoraker, Donald E Jennings, Paul N Romani and F Michael Flasar
University of Maryland and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA
Afternoon refreshments
Session 2:  Neutral atmospheric chemistry of the planets
Session Chair: Piergiorgio Casavecchia
Paper 5
On the abundance of non-cometary HCN on Jupiter
Julianne I Moses*, Channon Visscher,Thomas C Keane and Aubrey Sperier
Space Science Institute, USA
Paper 6
Photchemical modeling of Titan's atmosphere at the ''10% uncertainty horizon''
Z Peng and P Pernot,* N Carrasco, E Hébrard and M Dobrijevic
CNRS and Université Paris-Sud 1, France
Paper 7
Experimental measurements of low temperature rate coefficients for neutral-neutral reactions of interest for atmospheric chemistry of Titan, Pluto and Triton: Reactions of the CN radical
Sébastien B Morales, Sébastien D Le Picard,* André Canosa and Ian R Sims Université de Rennes 1 and CNRS, France
Close of Sessions
Poster Session and Wine Reception
Tuesday 15 June 2010
Session 2: Neutral atmospheric chemistry of the planets
Session Chair:  Ian Sims
Paper 8
An experimental and theoretical investigation of the competition between chemical reaction and relaxation for the reactions of 1CH2 with acetylene and ethene: implications for the chemistry of the giant planets Kelly L Gannon, David R Glowacki, Mark A Blitz, Jeremy N Harvey, Chi-Hsiu Liang, Michael J Pilling and Paul W Seakins*
University of Leeds, UK
Paper 9
Formation of nitriles and imines in the atmosphere of Titan: combined crossed-beam and theoretical studies on the reaction dynamics of excited nitrogen atoms N(2D) with ethane
Nadia Balucani, Francesca Leonori, Raffaele Petrucci, Massimiliano Stazi, Dimitris Skouteris, Marzio Rosic and Piergiorgio Casavecchia*
Università degli Studi di Perugia, Italy
Paper 10
Structural and spectroscopic characterization of mixed planetary ices
Nuria Plattner, Myung Won Lee and Markus Meuwly*
University of Basel, Switzerland
Paper 11
Isomer specific spectroscopy of C10Hn9 n=8-12:exploring pathways to naphthalene in Titan's atmosphere
Joshua A Sebree, Vadim V Kislov, Alexander M Mebel and Timothy S Zwier* Purdue University, USA
Morning Refreshments
Session 3: Chemistry of planetary thermospheres and ionospheres
Session chair:
 Brian Mitchell
Paper 12
H3+ cooling in planetary atmospheres
Steve Miller*, Tom Stallard, Henrik Melin and Jonathan Tennyson
University College London, UK
Paper 13
Negative ions at Titan and Enceladus: recent results
Andrew J Coates*, Anne Wellbrook, Gethyn R Lewis, Geraint H Jones, David T Young, Frank J Crary, J Hunter Waite Jr, Robert E Johnson, Thomas W Hill and Edward C Sittler
University College London, UK
Paper 14
Chemical origins of the Mars ultraviolet dayglow
David L Huestis*, Tom G Slanger, Brian D Sharpe and Jane L Fox
SRI International, USA
Session 3: Chemistry of planetary thermospheres and ionospheres
Session chair:
Nigel Mason
Paper 15
Laboratory chemistry relevant to understanding and modeling the ionosphere of Titan
Nigel G Adams*, L Dalila Fondren and David S Osborne
University of Georgia, USA
Paper 16
Fast ion-molecule reactions in planetary atmospheres: a semiempirical capture approach.
Alexandre Faure*, Veronique Vuitton, Roland Thissen, Laurent Wiesenfeld and Odile Dutuit
CNRS,  Université J Fourier, France
Paper 17
Meteoric ion layers in the Martian atmosphere
John Plane and Charlotte L Whalley*
University of Leeds, UK
Afternoon Refreshments
Session 4: Exoplanet Chemistry
Session Chair: Bruno Bézard
Paper 18
Exploring extrasolar worlds: from gas giants to terrestrial habitable planets
Giovanna Tinetti,* Caitlin A. Griffith, Mark R. Swain, Pieter Deroo, Jean Philippe Beaulieu, Gautam Vasisht, David Kipping, Ingo Waldmann, Jonathan Tennyson, Robert J. Barber, Jeroen Bouwman, Nicole Allard, and Linda R. Brown
University College London, UK
Paper 19
Titan and habitable planets around M-dwarfs
Jonathan I Lunine*
University of Rome, Italy
Close of Sessions
Pre Dinner Drinks
Conference Dinner

Wednesday 16 June 2010
Session 5: Planetary aerosols, surfaces, interior and formation
Session Chair: Arthur Suits
Paper 20
The fate of aerosols on the surface of Titan
S I Ramírez, P Coll, A Buch, C Brassé, O Poch, F Raulin*,
Universités Paris Est-Créteil et Denis-Diderot, France
Paper 21
Untangling the chemical evolution of Titan’s atmosphere and surface from homogeneous to heterogeneous chemistry
Ralf I Kaiser,* Pavlo Maksyutenko, Courtney Ennis, Fangtong Zhang, Xibin Gu, Sergey P Krishtal, Alexander M Mebel, Oleg Kostkoc and Musahid Ahmed
University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
Paper 22
Mechanisms of formation of nitrogen-containing polycyclic aromatic compounds in low temperature environments of planetary atmospheres: A theoretical study
Alexander Landera and Alexander M Mebel*
Florida International University, USA
Morning Refreshments
Paper 23
Very high resolution mass spectrometry of HCN polymers and tholins
Véronique Vuitton,* Jean-Yves Bonnet, Maeliss Frisari, Roland Thissen, Eric Quirico, Odile Dutuit, Bernard Schmitt, Léna Le Roy, Nicolas Fray, Hervé Cottin, Ella Sciamma-O’Brien, Nathalie Carrasco and Cyril Szopa.
CNRS, Université J. Fourier, Grenoble, France
Paper 24
Olivier Mousis*, Sylvain Picaud, Daniel Cordier and Jonathan I Lunine Université de Franche-Comté, France
Paper 25
Concluding remarks: Title tba
Darrell F Strobel*
Johns Hopkins University, USA
Acknowledgements: tba  
Close of session and Lunch

(Coaches depart for St Malo SNCF station at 12:00 and 14:00 for the trains to Paris via Rennes at 12:50 and 14:50)

Invited speakers:

Professor Sushil Atreya (Introductory)
University of Michigan, USA

Professor Darrell Strobel (Closing)
Johns Hopkins University, USA

Professor Nigel Adams
University of Georgia, USA

Dr Sebastien Le Picard
University of Rennes 1, France

Professor Jonathan Lunine
University of Arizona, USA

Professor Steve Miller
University College London, UK

Dr Julianne Moses
Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, USA

Professor François Raulin
LISA - Universities of Paris 12 and 7, France

Dr Giovanna Tinetti
University College London, UK

Professor Roger Yelle
University of Arizona, USA


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