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Faraday Discussions

Faraday Discussions are organised by the Faraday Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and are prestigious international discussion meetings which focus on rapidly developing areas of physical chemistry/chemical physics and its interfaces with other scientific disciplines. They have a special format in which papers are distributed to all participants in advance of the conference and almost all the meeting is devoted to discussion of the papers. In this way, any participant at the conference has the opportunity to make a major contribution, and the papers and discussion are published. The 2007 Thomson Scientific (ISI) 'Journal Citation Reports' show that the impact factor for Faraday Discussions is 5.0 emphasising their importance as a forum for developing new ideas. We have also obtained the agreement of NASA’s ADS (Astrophysics Data System) that this Faraday Discussion will be indexed by them.
For further information please see the RSC's website at http://www.rsc.org/ConferencesAndEvents/RSCConferences/FD/index.asp
Previous Discussions have been held in the area of Astrophysical Chemistry: Faraday Symposium on "Chemistry in the Interstellar Medium" in Birmingham in 1992; Faraday Discussion No 109 "Chemistry & Physics of Molecules and Grains in Space" in Nottingham in 1998 ; and Faraday Discussion No 133 "Chemical Evolution of the Universe" in St Jacut in 2006. The latter meeting was so successful it was felt that another could be organised at the same location, this time focusing on the chemistry of planetary atmospheres/ionospheres and surfaces (in particular as regards their atmospheric interactions).

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