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We have now entered a second 'golden age' of planetary exploration, with a host of exciting missions either underway, or due to report back in the next few years. Probes are able to land on planets or descend into their atmospheres, and apply powerful analytical techniques to determine their chemical compositions.
The wealth of chemical information sent back from these missions has stimulated major efforts in laboratory experiments and computational modelling, and created a fascinating area for multidisciplinary exchange around the theme of the chemistry of the planets, encompassing aspects of chemistry (physical, organic and inorganic), physics and astronomy, geology and geochemistry, and exobiology, proving the right conditions for a fruitful Faraday Discussion at the interface of these disciplines.
Furthermore, the recent discovery of water and methane in the atmosphere of an extrasolar planet (exoplanet) opens up a whole new field of planetary chemistry outside of the Solar System.
  Image Credit: Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
Faraday Discussion 147 will gather international leaders in these areas for what promises to be an exciting exchange in this fascinating area of interdisciplinary science. Discussion topics include:
  • Chemical aspects of planetary exploration and observation
  • Neutral atmospheric chemistry of the planets
  • Chemistry of planetary thermospheres and ionospheres
  • Exoplanet Chemistry
  • Planetary aerosols, surfaces, interior and formation
For details of the accepted articles which will be presented at the Discussion, please click on the menu item Programme to the left. There will be ample opportunity during the Discussion itself for the presentation of recent results which can then be published and become part of the Discussion Volume. For further details please click on the link Faraday Discussions to the left.

Following on directly from FD147, we are also organising the Fourth Workshop on 'Titan - Observations, Expertises, Computations and Modeling' from 16-18 June 2010 at the Abbaye de St Jacut. Please click on the link Titan Workshop to the left for further information.  

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